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    So what are essential oils and why dōTERRA essential oils?

    And what is dōTERRA you might ask and why should I buy dōTERRA essential oils ? dōTERRA is an amazing company that produces a huge range of high-quality essential oils. They are not only committed to creating the most efficacious products for you to use for your health and your family’s, but are also working to improve conditions for those to produce them (more on that here, if you’re keen).

    Essential oil are volatile compounds found within the bark, seeds, leaves, petals, resin and rind of plants. These tiny organic molecules are the innate intelligence within the plant that keep it healthy and thriving, protected from the elements, resilient to pests and plague, attracting friendly herbivores and serving a variety of protective, reproductive and regenerative purposes.
    Essentially, they are the immune system of the plant. 

    By extracting and distilling these concentrated compounds from organic plants, we can receive similar benefits. They are incredibly powerful, highly concentrated (50-70 times more powerful than herbs). These are the remedies humans have been using for centuries. They aren’t new, it’s just time to reconnect with them and remember that we have the option to reach for natural solutions first: without synthetics, without side effects, without prescriptions, without harmful environmental impacts.

    Purity is Paramount

    Essential oils are the concentrated power of Mother Earth; they are capable of transdermal absorption, inhalation into the lungs and bloodstream, penetration through cell membranes and even the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. It’s the reason oils are so powerful – we can utilise their healing benefits without needing to digest and assimilate anything*. But it’s also why it’s critical that the oils you choose for your family are 100% pure, organic and rigorously tested to confirm they are free of pesticide or herbicide residue, weeds, synthetic fillers, imitation oils, carriers or any other forms of adulteration.* Seek expert guidance before ingesting.  

    Why I have partnered with doTERRA

    1. THE PRODUCT  dōTERRA go to unbelievable lengths to achieve evidence-based purity, transparency, safety and the most potent, effective essential oils on earth. When you choose dōTERRA, you are choosing essential oils that:

    • Are gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. 
    • Every batch is rigorously tested by a third party, using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality protocol, to ensure the presence of desired therapeutic qualities and guaranteeing the absence of toxins, contaminants and microorganisms.

    How to I purchase these essential oils:

    The most cost effective way to order essential oils is to obtain your own wholesale account with doTERRA. You will enjoy 25% off when becoming a member. There is No monthly fee, No monthly ordering required and NO reselling required. NO catch!

    Option 1

    Pay a one-off membership fee of $40 (NZ) and get unlimited oils wholesale oils for an entire year. (The second year is a $30 (NZ)  membership fee however you receive a free bottle of peppermint oil valued at $28 (NZ).

    Choose any single oils, blends, skincare, vitamins or home cleaning products you like from the product guide or price list below* and create your own custom order.  No minimum order required. (Must make sure to add your $40 (NZ) ‘Introductory Enrolment Packet’ within the checkout as this is your membership).

    Option 2

    Purchase any enrolment kit, get an even bigger discount (Over $132.338 discount on the Home Essentials Kit) and your $40 membership fee is waived. Purchasing a kit is without a doubt the most valuable way to get started! The Home Essentials Kit is incredible value as you get the 10 oils every home should have + a diffuser and save over $200 (NZ) in the process!

    *Remember that when you purchase through me, you will be getting wholesale prices, so make sure to look at this price column not retail prices.

    How do I know which kit to start with?

    The two most popular kits are the Nature’s Solution Kit and the Home Essentials Kit-Enrolment-kits

    Become a dōTERRA wholesale customer

    One of the things I love most about dōTERRA is they offer a 25% wholesale discount to all their customers. To get set up, follow these steps:

    • Follow this link to my wellness advocate page and click Join and Save.
    • Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you, then click ‘Local.’
    • Choose ‘Wholesale Customer’ (more info on becoming a Wellness Advocate below – you can change to this later if you want to).
    • Make sure the Enroller and Sponsor ID both say Keenan, Charlotte: 6154130 – this is how you get personal support from me!
    • Click Verify and set yourself up with a password.
    • Select which enrolment kit you’d like to order – you can either pay $40 for the wholesale membership, which gives you 25% off for a whole year, and purchase your choice of oils, or you can order one of the kits and get the enrolment fee waived. These are the best value as you get the most popular oils for a huge discount.
    • They’ll be shipped to you from your local distributor, so no matter where you are in the world, you can order essential oils with me!
    • I personally recommend getting the Home Essentials Kit, plus a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oilas I think it’s a fabulous kit for introducing essential oils into your life – this is the one I started with! This kit  also happens to be the most popular, and includes a gorgeous diffuser which you’ll use daily (I promise). Nature’s Solutions Kit, as I wanted to get all the extras this Kit brings (including a gorgeous essential oils box!). It’s by far the best value for money too – so if you’re ready to level up, buy this one!
    • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.
    • Once you’re set up, there is no minimum monthly ordering, and no requirement to share or sell on. Just the option to continue getting 25% off all year.

    If you have any problems while you’re setting up your account, or just have questions on the kits or oils in general, email me here anytime.


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