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    New Zealand Property Investment Coaching Course

    Have you ever wanted to Purchase an Investment Property With a Coach Without Having to Pay A Fortune?

    In this course Greg will show you a property coaching programme that is revolutionising how you access a property coach and how you can purchase a property the right way and make money. Without guessing, not being frustrated, having the right information and support.

    You can also do it from home or anywhere in the world and not have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a property coach. 

    So why did Greg with Michael create an online property coaching platform...

    Greg's father died from terminal cancer aged 63, two years later Greg found out he couldn't have his own children and soon after he was diagnosed with cancer.

    They say things happen in three's, but he didn't want it this way!

    Greg was 38 at the time, he felt his world was ending and he still had so much to give. Lucky he had a great family and team around me to stop the cancer and now I'm cancer free.

    But these three things sparked something inside of Greg, a willing to create something, something that would change the way a property coach can help new and existing property investors build and create their own financial freedom without it costing a fortune. 

    Then one day everything changed when Greg met Michael after traveling to the Gold Coast for a internet seminar. Michael was already a multi-million dollar property investor with a portfolio worth well over $15 Million, had completed over 200 property transactions in both residential and commercial.

    Michael was excited about Greg's ideas of a new platform for property coaching and that it would be much cheaper, 10's of thousands of dollars cheaper than what is on the market right now.

    Did you know...

    It doesn't matter if you spend $5,000 or $50,000 on a course, they all teach similar strategies and techniques. Its what actions you take make the results not the amount of money you spend on a property course or property coach. If you want to be a million dollar property investor you need the right coach.

    Click here to find out how Greg and his partner Michael can help you to do this.

    New Zealand Property Investment Coaching Course Wealth Ladder

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