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    Greg and l love to travel and that is why we created cgkjounrys to share our travel journeys with you and hopefully inspire you to travel and enjoy the world.

    We hope you enjoy reading the books and planning your next adventure away. 

    Check out the great selection from Amazon.


    Best in Travel 2018

    Lonely Plants Best in Travel 2018, ranks for the traveller the must-visit cities and countries for 2018.  It shares with you loads of travel inspiration to get you excited and start thinking about planning your travel adventures in 2018.





    Destinations of a Lifetime 

    Destinations of a Lifetime gives you wonderful insight into when to travel, where are the best places to eat, where you can state and what you can do on your travels to ensure the most amazing and authentic travel experience. 






    The Bucket List

    The Bucket list is the perfect book for any passionate traveller with a fun guide to great adventures small or big, with loads of different cultural experiences, culinary delights, national wonders to think about and add to your next adventure away.





    Ultimate Travel - Lonely Planet

    This book has a compilation of 500 unmissable sights and attractions, which have been ranked by the lonely planet community of travel experts. The book is loaded with insightful write-ups and amazing photographs to get your excited and motivated to travel and add the destinations to your travel list.




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